Selenium is the most popular tool used to automate the testing of web applications. This Course is about Selenium and its various components such as Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver and Selenium GRID. We will learn to set up environment so that we can start using Selenium for testing any web applications on any given browser. In addition, we will work with Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, and Selenium GRID in different frameworks such as Data Driven, Keyword Driven, Cross browser testing and Hybrid.

The course is designed for manual quality assurance engineers who can upgrade their knowledge and skills to become software automation testing engineers.

Delegates should have experience in manual testing methods. Background in any development language can be useful in this course. (Java, C, C#, Python)


40-64 Hours

Embedded Software Development


Certificate: No

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Course Outline


  • Introduce Testing and its types
  • Learn about Selenium, its evolution, Regression testing and Functional testing
  • Set-up JAVA, Eclipse, and Selenium Environment and configure them
  • List the components of Selenium 3.0 such as Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, and Selenium Grid
  • Create Test Cases in Selenium WebDriver
  • Discuss about waits in Selenium
  • Handle different controls on a Webpage


Introduction to Testing Automation

  • Testing Automation definition
  • Test Automation advantages
  • Candidates for Testing automation
  • Manual Testing Process Vs. Automated testing   process
  • Testing Automation Project Life Cycle
  • Stages in implementing Testing Automation project

Preparations of Recording

  • Test automation preparations
  • Tests and tests data preparations
  • Environment preparations
  • Selenium settings

Selenium Modules

  • Selenium – IDE
  • selenium – RC
  • Selenium – WebDriver
  • Selenium – Grid

Selenium IDE – Installation and Main Features

  • How and from where to install the Selenium IDE
  • Selenium IDE main features
  • For what do I need the IDE features

Creating Basic Test

  • Record a basic test
  • Run test
  • Save test
  • View test results

Object Identification

  • What is an object
  • What are object properties
  • Object spy
  • Object identification

Synchronization Point

  • What is synchronization
  • Add synchronization
  • Add Wait() statement

Verification Point

  • What is a checkpoint
  • Checkpoint types

Insert checkpoint

  • Parameterize checkpoint
  • Regular expression
  • View checkpoint result


    • Use Debugging Features
    • Locate syntax errors
    • View errors in test report

    Programming Statements without Recording

    • Adding statements from menu
    • The use of flow control
    • Adding statements manually
    • Importance of using comments in your script


    • Input parameters
    • Data Driven Test
    • Working with data table
    • Environment variables

    Exporting Scripts from IDE

    • Exporting from Selenium IDE
    • The Main program
    • Execution via Java code
    • Enhance your script with Java flow controls


    • Creating a Database in PHPmyadmin
    • Queries – select insert delete and update
    • ReFactoring Database
    • Files
    • Refactoring
    • Examples

    PHP Security

    • Password Encryption
    • SQL Injection
    • Examples

    Web on PHP

    • Get/post
    • Cookies
    • Session
    • Examples

    CMS Project / Blogging System

    • CMS
    • Assets
    • Reusable
    • Working with data
    • navigation links
    • Categories
    • Dashboard
    • Notification
    • Examples


    • Links and Get Request