In this course, students will learn to develop advanced ASP.NET MVC applications using .NET Framework 4.5 tools and technologies. The focus will be on coding activities that enhance the performance and scalability of the Web site application. ASP.NET MVC will be introduced and compared with Web Forms so that students know when each should/could be used.a

Web Developers

Before attending to the course student must have: basic knowledge in C#, HTML & JS

40 Hours

Software Engineering


Certificate: No

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Course Outline

Modern Web Architecture

  • Concepts
  • Server Side Rendering vs. Static HTML
  • Cutting Edge Technologies in Modern Web Systems.

ASP.NET MVC 5 Overview

  • Overview of Microsoft Web Technologies
  • Web Forms vs. MVC
  • Introduction to ASP.NET MVC 5


  • Creating MVC Models
  • Working with Data
  • Data Modeling
  • Entity Framework Overview


  • Routing
  • Writing Controllers and Actions
  • Writing Action Filters



  • Creating Views with Razor Syntax
  • Using HTML Helpers
  • Partial Views
  • Reusing Code in Views

Applying Styles to Web Application

  • Using Template Views
  • Applying CSS to an MVC Application
  • Creating an Adaptive User Interface

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) With WCF & Web API

  • Introduction to SOA ( Service Oriented Architecture)
  • WCF Web Service Consuming.
  • RESTful Services
  • Developing a Web API
  • Calling a Web API from Mobile and Web Applications
  • Unit Testing with Postman

Calling Web API Services from Client Side

  • Request-Response Cycle Concepts.
  • Most Popular client frameworks.
  • JavaScript vs. jQuery vs. AngularJS
  • Calling RESTFull Services from client side with jQuery.