Maria DB and MySQL open the door into MySQL database following by additional Power of the Maria DB tools, and External features

This course is intended for Technical Specialists, which looking for upgrade their knowledge with maintenance, operations and working practice with MySQL DB.

This course is designed for people with Basic Linux (Admin, Usage) skills and basic experience work with relational DB.Before attending this course, students must have the following technical knowledge:


  • Operation
  • Basic User experience (bash)


Basic Knowledge of any SQL Language statements


    16 Hours

    Data Management


    Certificate: No

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    Course Outline

    Day 1


    Module 1: Introduce to Relational Database

    • Relational Database Overview


    Module 2: Introduce to MySQL

    • MySQL Architecture


    Module 3: Basic Management Tasks

    • Main Administrative Privileges
    • Backup/Restore DB
    • Practice


    Day 2


    Module 4: SQL

    • Overview
    • Basic Practice


    Module 5: Performance Tasks on MySQL Level

    • Performance Tasks example
    • Basic Practice


    Module 6: Maria DB additional power options

    • Overview