This intensive hands-on course will teach one, proper ways to operate fundamentally the GNU/Linux operating system. The course will introduce the various methods; tools and techniques for easily work in environments built on Linux shell. This course provides intensive hands-on exercises using real world applications.


  • Members of the System/DevOps teams.
  • System personal who would like to gain knowledge in Linux/Unix systems.
  • Help desk teams.
  • Novices who would like to learn basics of Linux/Unix systems.


For attending this course, students do not need to be familiar with any type of Linux/Unix operational systems. Good knowledge of pc/laptop can be useful.


The objectives of the course are to teach our student solid knowledge and mostly hands-on experience to enable a working person to feel him/herself comfortable working with shell environment of Linux/Unix based systems.


32 Hours

Network & Infrastructure


Certificate: No

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Course Outline

Day 1:

  • Gnu/Linux History
  • Distributions
  • Licensing
  • Installing Linux
  • Linux Environment Acknowledgment.
  • Working With Directories
  • Working With Files
  • Working With File Content
  • Editors


Day 2:

  • Linux File Tree
  • Commands And Arguments
  • Control Operators
  • Shell Variables
  • Shell Embedding
  • Shell History
  • File globbing


Day 3:

  • Pipes And Commands
  • I/O Redirection
  • Filters
  • Basic Unix Tools
  • Regular Expressions


Day 4:

  • Introduction to user
  • User management
  • User passwords
  • User profiles
  • Groups
  • Standard file permissions
  • Advanced file permissions
  • Access control lists
  • File links