The new language features include lambda expressions and method references, both of which support programming techniques known from functional languages. Now that Java has multiple inheritance via default interface, methods programming techniques similar to mixins and traits are possible.

Mastering lambdas is the prerequisite for successfully using streams. Streams are an extension to the JDK collection, which experienced a major renovation in Java 8. Streams provide a functional API for sequential and parallel bulk operations on sequences of elements.

This 1-day course is for Java programmers who want to explore the use of lambdas and streams in Java and need a thorough understanding of these language feature and APIs in Java.
The course is designed to build on existing expertise as Java programmers and take the attendants’ skills one step further.

Participants are expected to have at least 1 year of experience with Java programming.

16 Hours

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Course Outline

Language Features

  • Lambdas Expressions
  • Method/Constructor References
  • Functional Interfaces
  • Default & Static Interface Methods
  • Programming with Lambdas
Streams API

  • Streams & Collections
  • ForEach-Filter-Map-Reduce
  • Fluent Programming
  • Intermediate & Terminal Operations
  • Mappers & Collectors