Cloud computing is a new form of Internet-based computing that provides shared computer processing resources and data to computers and other devices on demand. Cloud computing has really changed the way companies looking into their digital Infrastructure now a days. In addition, brings new opportunities and challenges for developers and administrators worldwide.

This course is surely the fastest and smartest way to get started with Amazon Web Services cloud computing technologies. Make the transition to working in the cloud from any device, anywhere, anytime. Unlock the advantages while avoiding the downsides.

This introduction to Cloud computing will help anyone who is in, or getting into professional IT. System Engineers, DevOps, System Admins, Developers, Architects, Operational, Managers, and CIO’s: this course is for you all. If you have previous experience of the cloud, you might learn something about the broadness of the topic.

  • Basic understanding of IT principles.
  • Access to the Internet for material linked from the course.

8 Hours

Cloud Computing


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Course Outline


 The Course will start with introduction to cloud computing technology and concepts like SAAS, PAAS and IAAS. You will learn how to operate, deploy and create cloud computing infrastructure on Linux and Windows systems, Virtual Networking, Containers and more. You will be Able to Manage, Monitor and apply security Policies to your cloud computing environment. You will be able to understand the wide range of options for developing and deploying applications for the Web and Mobile in Amazon Web Services platform.


Day 1

Module 1 – Cloud Computing Technologies Introduction

• What is cloud computing?
• Cloud Architecture
• Motivation for Cloud Computing
• Cloud Computing models:
o SaaS
o PaaS
o IaaS
• Cloud implementation models:
o Public
o Private
o Hybrid
• Security & Privacy
• Cloud Market analytics
• Summary


Module 2 – Amazon Web Services (AWS)
• What is AWS?
• Main services overview
o Compute
o Storage
o DB
o Network (VPC)
• Security & Identity
• Management
o Monitoring
o Configuration Management
• analytics
• Diving into Compute & Storage
o Regions, Availability Zones, ELB (load balancer), EBS (storage), AMI (images)
o VPC, subnets, security groups, auto-scaling
o S3
o Containers
• Serverless (AWS Lambda)
• Monitoring
• Automation
• Mobile Hub
• Development Tools
• Console
• SDKs
• Summary